How do you set up backgammon

how do you set up backgammon

Learn how to set up a backgammon board in this free how-to video lesson on how to play backgammon. It's simple to set up a backgammon board, and it takes just a few minutes. Learn the absolute basics to make sure you do it right every time. How to play backgammon. How to set up a backgammon board. Starting position. Object of the game. Scoring in backgammon. Doubling cube. Gammons and  ‎ Backgammon FAQ: Basic Rules · ‎ Different Ways of Playing · ‎ Doubling Cube.


How To Play BACKGAMMON! Super Easy! It is here that all fifteen checkers have to be before you can begin the end of the game and you can start to win it. Don't cheat by looking at the correct answer, write them all. Before you go further, have you got a wahrscheinlichkeit rechner board? So, to win a game of backgammon you have to learn how not to lose! We all play games to win, but if we don't know how to win when we get to the end of the game then we often end up losing - and the more you lose the sooner you'll get tired of playing. The next two diagrams show the direction each player moves his checkers: how do you set up backgammon



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